MARBLE is constructing a sustainable supply chain for the livestock industry encompassing ruminants, milk, and chicken from start to finish through a digital platform. The MARBLE ecosystem is designed to assist consumers in obtaining safe, high-quality livestock products and to support breeders in managing, recording, and selling their livestock.


Indonesia’s poultry and livestock industries are struggling with diseases like Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bursal Disease, and the misuse of antibiotics is making things worse by harming animal health and increasing human antibiotic resistance. CARNIVORE, an animal medicine company, could help by producing vaccines and guiding farmers on proper antibiotic use, improving health outcomes for both animals and people in Indonesia.


REVIVE Organic Soil Treatment transforms soil into a fertile ground that supports plant growth and health. It combats plant diseases with natural defenses and breaks down harmful chemicals. This treatment also prevents soil compaction and improves water retention, aiding crop growth and benefiting the environment.