In 2023, Indonesia’s clothing industry saw sales reach USD 21.69 billion, with companies like VASTRA being among the many apparel producers contributing to this achievement. The availability of key materials such as cotton and silk, coupled with the rise in middle-class income, has spurred increased demand and has helped secure Indonesia a stronger place in the global clothing market.


Accredited by WOCPM, PRANA is a distinctive anti-aging medical hub providing personalized therapies, essential genetic testing, and cutting-edge stem cell treatments. It’s an establishment at the forefront of health and longevity, offering transformative wellness solutions.


ELIXIR revolutionizes the traditional swallow nest industry, melding science with sustainable practices. They guide farmers from folklore to modernity, ensuring top-quality nests from Indonesia reach global markets. ELIXIR ‘s commitment elevates local traditions into sustainable, community-enriching commerce.